CDESK was not formed to an order, either as a purely commercial software. Originally, it was developed as an internal project in 2002, which should secure providing of long-time quality services for customers

Holding the quality on high level is only possible by having a correct information in right time and making a good decisions based on facts. Processing information from whole environment and managing it with CDESK grants you an overview of all activities hapenning in company.

Since its seeing of daylight, CDESK has moved very far and became a strong instrument, found by many our customers as most valuable solution - for friendly price. We've studied our partners' needs and problems they are meeting - CDESK is developed for them, for helping the businesses to work more effective and grow faster.

We offer you an option to exploit all advantages of CDESK solution, which brings an order into work and helps with delivering a top quality customer service to your partners.

  • Brings an order into your business
  • Extends reliability and customer satisfaction
  • Optimizes time and costs, increases profit
  • Applies in any type of company
  • Manages staff, efficient planning
  • Captures communication with customers
  • Provides an overview of company and employees
  • It's easy to use
  • Affordable and instantly available
  • Gathers business opportunities
  • Organizes events in one place
  • Works with external software solutions
  • You will not find our tweaks elsewhere ;-)


Helpdesk is created and verified in practice. Monitors work lifecycle up to their completion, observe performances (internal and invoice). Overviews, efficiency, transparency. Your time, your money. Comparison of costs and gained functions will convince you that you will no longer look for any free ticketing system!

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