IT departments of large enterprises



Have an overview of all your employee's tasks?

Managers and superiors have lost an overview of what is hapenning in company, which tasks are effectively solved and what is their status. 


CDESK gives an accurate overview of unfinished work, offers lists of open tasks and length of their solution for a specific employee or department. Any required information, regarding to management of subordinates, can be obtained from these lists immediately after logging in, such as solver, deadlines, customer, the task´s status etc.


Are all technicians working effectively?

Missing information about occupancy of each employee, if they are meeting the deadlines or there are important problems they are still not solving?


CDESK contains a lot of transparent reports and statistics, which can display the entered fulfillments of operators to particular tasks solved for the customer. Information in these reports and stats provide overview of how much has the employee worked, separated by individual acts.


When an employee reports a problem to IT department, is there any feedback?  

How are your employees entering requests and reporting problems to your IT department? Are they informed about progress of its solution?


The customers can enter requests into CDESK by many simple ways, which are directly addressed to a specific operator or department. They can check the status and lead a discussion about solution of the problem in their entered requests, according to each user´s permissions.


Is communication between IT department and the rest of company clear? 

Your IT department sends important information about errors and shutdowns of important systems by emails, which leads to misunderstandings and dissatisfaction.


The communicator implemented in CDESK allows simple submission of messages to selected users or user groups, with information about their availability, and the time they´ve read the message. There will also be an option to create conferences with support of audio and video transmission.


Is your HW evidence and SW audit tool smart and automated?

Hardware and software evidence is uneffectively built manually by employees. It's causing that some important IT changes are not recorded and evidence is not current and complete.


Thanks to the solution Customer Monitor, you have an option to view and record all details of HW infrastructure and overview of every customers´ SW. This information are automatically collected from the computers and divided into zones with automatic evaluation of the most important parameters. SW audit is also performed automatically, and thanks to a transparent report, you have instant information about legality of all software.


Do you know the health of your servers?

Relying on human factor in discovering of hidden errors can cause the malfunctions on servers and IT infrastructure in least suitable moment. 


The solution Customer Monitor implies 24/7 online monitoring, which will warn you about all relevant changes of the monitored parameters. If an error occurs, you´re informed immediately by e-mail notification or by SMS message. For these events, you may have a CDESK request for a concrete customer and solver created automatically.

Are all important security events fully under your control?

Tracing all recorded security incidents and problems, even long time ago can help in discovering the cause, e.g. the data leaks


The tool Event Analyser, which is a component of Customer Monitor, can flexibly help with audition of accesses to directories and files. It happens from time to time, that an important file has been deleted or rewrited and it is difficult to find the responsible person.




These problems were solved with product: CDESK Service desk

Used modules - included in product:

  • Cases (projects) - keep simple evidence of unfinished work, structured under specific customers
  • Communication with chat - quickly chat and react on questions from operators and customers, spread bulk messages to groups, create requests dire
  • Mobile application with offline functions - access CDESK and manage tasks from anywhere, on the run
  • Helpdesk with SLA - clear overview of all opened tasks workflow management and compliance with deadlines, stored communication under specific events or customers

Used extensions - extra charged:

  • Message processing (All e-mails to CDESK extension) - automated sorting rules for creating new events in CDESK on e-mails coming to your company addresses, setting of responsible persons for processing of all other messages
  • Object database CMDB, SLA agreements - evidence of all devices with details and relations, SLA terms on these devices
  • Integration IT monitoring Customer Monitor - our complex monitoring and management tool covering all needs in managing IT