Benefits of using the CDESK system can be found in every area of ​​business. Be a step ahead and trust us while improving your results. We believe in you!

Companies servicing devices from various areas

With CDESK, your service company's results will increase by raising the contracts by targeted customer care and cost sreduction by generationaly better planning. Receive notifications about service revisions, let your customer see the status of his case and repairs histort. Plan by position of your employee and location of customer. Give your technicians tool which will motivate them in work.


IT companies providing SW support

Use CDESK for compliance with contractually determined deadlines while implementing software projects and providing follow-up support. Record and invoice SW changes beyond the contracts, communicate about progress of opened cases and get feedback to develop customer relationship during providing of quality software solutions. Clear evidence of worked time and flexible invoicing makes CDESK often sought companion in this area.



IT companies providing outsourcing management of SW and HW

Activate IT monitoring and management tool Customer Monitor with CDESK and your company gets one of most complex tools on market for providing an IT support in area of computer networks, servers and workstations. Avoid problems, solve problems quickly, fulfill tasks in time and declare the quality of provided services with exact, understandable reports.


IT departments of large enterprises

Make the operation of your internal IT department more effective. Increase enterprise network security by CDESK evidence of events, CM IT monitoring, automation of processes in IT utilizing and evidence, simplifying communication with users based on Active Directory. Detect and record security events, wisely apply ITIL standards on work of IT department. 



Expansion options for larger companies (complicated structures)

CDESK features are used in companies with more complicated organizational structure. There's a need to have information secured from unauthorized access, to not overload employees by irrelevant information and make working teams running without common adverse interactions. But also an environment where you can still search for what you need among large numbers of objects, employees and communication.

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