New CDESK version 2.9

Main Features

In CDESK version 2.9 you will find many generational changes, whether its the user´s interface or functionality.

We also give you more new features regarding the CUSTOMER MONITOR, you will find them here.


Module CRMnew paid module – added new "TODO list" funciton allowing to create a clear list of duties and compliance with deadlines.

Module Vacations –  allowing operators to submit a vacation request, define your own types of requests and approval process.

Reservation system modulenew paid module  book any object in your database quickly and easily.

Interconnection with economic system  in new version we have added, to existing interconnection with POHODA, two new interconnections to economic softwares Money S4/S5 and ABRA G3. Its possible to connect customers adresses, invoicing and warehouse registry in your accounting software with CDESK.

Mobile Application allows full access to CDESK from your smart phone. If you are offline, the changes will be updated as soon as a device accesses the network.

Communicator with chat – new built-in chat client available on a separate website or directly as part of your CDESK account.

CMDB Module, new paid module – represents configurational database

New Features

Clarification of global settings  global settings are available under an administrator account, and are divided into logical units by modules with advanced options

Acceptance, Admission and Claim protocols in requests – it allows to create different types of protocols to be followed, also can be generated from any requirement.

New way of adding the fulfillments  alternative way of adding fulfillments directly to the calendar, also allows quick overview of fulfillments in actual month

Tasks – added module for easier categorization of tasks, which are linkable to requests, contracts, projects or to add independant notes to CDESK.

Allocating dates from the calendar – the possibility to apply any deadlines for tasks directly from calendar.

Allocating terms in requests – the possibility to apply any deadlines for tasks directly from requests.

Notification settings  new possibilities of notification settings for requests

New SLA and combinations – new possibilities and combinations of SLA settings - request priority is possible to combine with request type, customer and other optionsožiadavky možno kombinovať s typom požiadavky, zákazníkom a ďalšími možnosťami.

History of changes to the customer – view the change history for the customer and its author, an overview of the requirements pertaining to a scheduled tasks

Notice-board – it allows you to add messages to other operators in the bulletin board right in their initial overview

Message processing – added the ability to send a private message to processing to CDESK visible only to the designated operator

Email parser – new possibilities of message processing, by creating rules for automated processing of received e-mails

Fulfillment adding template  simplified adding of fulfillments with custom-defined templates

Request adding template  simplified adding of requests with custom-defined templates

The possibility of sending copies of selected notifications to supervisor – supervisor can be notified about discussion, internal papers and notes for requests

Added an optional field in the request – It serves the requests to be included in a groups over which independent statistical analysis can be done

Optional columns in the list of requests – ability to manage and display requests and to hide unnecessary information

Added request filter for "operator in the past" – another option for filtering your requests

Synchronization of calendar via Google+ account – sync events in MS Exchange (MS Outlook), Gmail (free) and Google Calendar apps to CDESK Planner and achieve the best overview of your upcoming events.

Optional initial overview​  now you can change the layout and contents of the initial report, so you can have all the needed information

Setting operator for the certain area services  for each service area, you can set a specific solvers

Custom filters on other modules  You can now create and save custom filters in the list of filfillments, message processing and elsewhere.

Adding a new customer using only the quick form  in the new version we removed tedious and unnecessary creation wizard for new customer. We also added the ability to create new customer from two new locations

Optional request description  if you don´t use request description you can now set it as optional for users

Changes and Updates

Rearangement of request fields - optional parts have been moved to the "Advanced Data"

Bringing CMDB for customer account (reading only) – access to customer account in the CMDB can be set in the Admin area -> Users -> Customer Accounts -> customer specific -> Settings of main acces -> Access to the database objects

Option of equiment select in request for customer accountcustomer while working with request is abel to select device directly form CMDB, if applicable to the request.

Canceled the term "Nearby activities" (replaced by "task") – to manage the next activity you can now use the "Tasks"

Notifications imposing changes – after saving any change in CDESK notification appears in the strip at the top of the screen on the successful saving changes

The request checkbox "Block emailing" – added new option to block email notifikations in requests

Repair and addition of functionality for mass editing of customers and operators – Mass edit of selected customers and operators now supports change of several settings

Added privileges to modules – setting rights of individual operators to specific modules

Simplifying the screens for specifying requests through EasyClick – simpler and more transparent form for entering EasyClick requests

Renumbering of the priorities in terms of ITIL  we changed the numbering order of priority so as to be in line with ITIL standards. Priority 6 became the lowest and the highest is priority 1.

Added paging to the messages for processing display only a certain number of messages for processing on one side, creates new page after reaching the limit of messages per page

Added notification of discussion to the creator of request – new possibilities of notification settings, when added discussion comment in requests


  • Incorrect requests counting
  • Shortening the length of the activation code to create a test account
  • Drag n Drop calendar
  • Preferred requests display
  • Request Log in case of acceptance or adding of discussion comment by unregistered user
  • Pictures showing in Knowledge base