Connecting wich Economical software

CDESK can be linked with chosen Billing (economical) software systems and it allows you to extend CDESK interface for completely new functionality:

  • Creating material release notes for customers by operators directly from CDESK (created material release notes are imported into the accounting software)

  • Viewing of current stock status

  • Synchronization of CDESK Billing invoices with invoices in accounting software system

To exchange the information between CDESK and accounting software, C-Monitor client is used. It ensures that all changes made in accounting software will appear in CDESK in a short time. Each manufacturer of accounting system has a specific options for linking, so the CDESK must support this feature for each software. Expansion functionality is described separately. At this time, we are successfully linked with Stormware POHODA system, if you are interested in liking the CDESK with other systems, feel free to contact us at for further information.

Currently we are successfully linked with Stormware POHODA accounting software.