Applying for a time off

Before you can apply for a time off, types of applications must first be created by responsible operators and Work positions have to be assigned to each operator (the assigment can be done in Admin zone -> Users -> Operators and Groups -> selected operator -> General settings tab -> Work position). For more information about creating new types of applications, approval processes or setting entitlements for number of days for individual operators, click here.


To create the application, click your name in the top right corner of the page and choose the option Application for a time-off. Alternatively, if you have permission to access the list of vacations of all operators, navigate to CDESK -> Administration -> Vacations, time off work and click the button Application for a time off.

Opening the formular to create an application for time off

Image: Opening the formular to create an application for time off

A list of available types of applications will be shown. Those that goes through Choose one from the list by clicking it.

List of available types of applications

Image: List of available types of applications


A formular for creating the application will appear. Select the Term, number of days will be calculated in the field below(weekends are defaultly not calculated into this number), choose the requester(in case you want to create application for other operators). If you want other operator to take over the responsibility for the requester, fill in the field Represents with operator who will temporarily replace him. You can also add note to the application. If this application type requires approval, the orange bar contains information about the number of days left for vacations the chosen operator has(before this application is considered).

Creating application for a time off

Image: Creating application for a time off

Click the Save button to confirm the application.

After creation of your application, all interested parties will be notified about it by email. If the application requires approval, its status will be set to Waiting for approval, otherwise Approval not required will be shown.

List of vacations

Image: List of vacations with and without approval