You can find useful information about setting up the Task module. To access settings, navigate to Admin zone -> Main menu -> Global settings -> tab Tasks. 

To access other settings, make sure the Tasks module is enabled, checkbox Enable Tasks module must be checked.

Here is a list of additional settings of this module:

Permitted link to - You can choose what your tasks can be linked to, possible options are: Free(no link), Customer, Project - Contract - Sub Contract, Deal or Requests

Creator of task - shows additional information in task details page. It is automatically filled, but it can be changed in case you want to create the task in name of somebody else though. If enabled, you can enable notification of task completion to the creator.

Show tasks in Planning calendar - choose whether you want your calendar to contain only open tasks or also the completed ones.

Custom buttons for term settings - you can define your own button for easier setting of terms for your tasks. This is especially useful if you often create tasks with the same terms from the current date/time, e.g. three days from now, or tomorrow at specified hour. If you want to create a button that will set the term for example one day beforehand without specifying fixed hour (term will be set to 24 hours from the creation), keep the field Hour empty. 

Tasks settings

Image: Tasks settings

Custom buttons in Task creation formular

Custom buttons in Task creation formular

Image: Custom buttons in Task creation formular