Creating new reservation

Reservation system allows you to create reservation for predefined objects divided to groups. For more information about creating the groups of objects, click here.

To create a new reservation, navigate to CDESK -> Administration -> Reservation system. An overview of current week or day will be shown.

You can adjust the overview to show only one day or entire week. Use the calendar on the left to choose the day/week. In the upper part of your screen are available groups of objects distinguished by colors. Choose your desired group and list of objects with booking overview will appear. 

Overview of reservations

Image: Overview of reservations

Reservate the object(car in this case) by clicking white(free) fields. A small window will apear under the calendar showing the details of your unconfirmed reservation. You can add note there and confirm the reservation by clicking the corresponding button.

Creating new reservation

Image: Creating new reservation

After the confirmation, your reservation will be marked with orange and short details will be displayed when you hover the mouse over your reservation. Other operators will see it as Booked out.

Your reservation in the overview

Image: Your reservation in the overview