Quality reports for your customers

Following reports can be used for presentation of your provided services quality to your customers:

List of fulfillments (v. 1 by invoicing) structured output of fulfillments, suitable for further automated processing

Overview of requests - print report with relevant information about the opened and completed requests

SLA requests fulfillment - monitoring of request’s reaction time

Spending of prepaid hours - summary report - review of (over)spent prepaid hours for a longer time period


Reports description:

List of fulfillments (v. 1 by invoicing)

Structured output of fulfillments, suitable for further automated processing. Select the filtering by an invoice or type of fulfillment in desired time period with option to view only the fulfillments from requests which completion is accepted by customers.

 list of fulfillments by invoicing

Image: list of fulfillments by invoicing


Overview of requests

This report provides wide range of information depending on the selection of parameters. Here are two most usual alternatives.

1. Overview of requests by customers

This report offer the progress overview of entering and completion of requests for specific customer within the selected period. There is an information about all entered requests, number of requests with exceeded term of completion, number of requests with missed response time and average time of request duration. This report reflects the quality of your provided services. Settings of this report are described on following picture. http://customermonitor.sk/node/524#statistika_poziadaviek_na_zakaznika

Procedure of creating the report Statistics of requests by customer

Image: Overview of requests with graph in CDESK reports

2. Overview of requests by operators

In case you need to view the statistics of requests of specific operator, in CDESK -> Statistics information -> CDESK reports, choose report type: Overview of requests and click “Show” button. Subsequently, select the Overview type (e.g. Monthly numbers), Display according to (e.g. Operators) and also select all types and priorities of requests as it’s displayed on following picture. Graph type can be changed in the lower part of screen. There is also an option to export the output into .xls file.

Viewing statistics of requests by operator

Image: Viewing statistics of requests by operator


SLA requests fulfillment

Overview of reaction times on requests, listed by customers and priorities. This report shows you how long did it take to solve the requests based on the Service License Agreement of your company with customer to keep your operators meeting the contracted deadlines. Export this data into the .xls file

SLA report

Image: SLA report


Spending of prepaid hours – summary report

In case some of your customers have prepaid service hours, this report provides the summary overview of spending of these hours, number of invoiced, overspent and transferred hours with information about type charging the transport. Also an option of exporting into the .xls file is available

Summary of spending the prepaid hours

Image: Summary of spending the prepaid hours