CDESK reports


CDESK offers the detailed reports for selected time period with possibility to export it into .xls format. Under the Maintainer’s account, each report can be set available for Customer’s accounts and Operators with lower privileges, so you don’t need to worry about disclosure of information to unauthorized persons.

To enter the reports page, go to CDESK -> Statistics information -> CDESK reports. At the top of the page, select the desired criteria and choose the Report type. Almost all reports contains additional filtering options. Clicking on the specific report type you will see its further options.

List of all available report types

Image: List of all available report types

We can split the report types into three categories, depending on their main purpose and usability:

  • Reports for internal management purposes – these types of reports are displaying information about the quality of operator’s work, evaluation and rating from customers and additional statistics which are helping to make the work of your operators more effective.

  • Quality reports for your customers – these reports are divided into several categories and their main purpose is to present the quality of your services provided to customers.

  • General CDESK information – data which can be discovered from common CDESK functions.