Requests and planning

Requests can be entered by all operators or created automatically after linking CDESK with our IT monitoring - CUSTOMER MONITOR when some unexpected event occurs.

It represents work which must be done by assigned solver. Regarding to settings, requests can be classified by various ways. It captures entirely whole process of solution from Fullfillment, Discussion with customer, through connecting it with places, devices and supplies up to Accounting agenda.

The requests are representing particular processes in company (e.g. replacing of device, emergency services, ordering of goods, business meetings, etc.) and are used for planning and covering the activities inside of company and for customers. In request you can:

  • Assign it to customer, place, solver (and other additional solvers) with entering the description

  • Send e-mails, notifications and use discussion

  • Add files (texts, manuals, pictures etc.)

  • Choose the devices on which the request needs to be fulfilled

  • Send price proposals (quotations) and calculations to customer, who can accept or refuse them

  • Create and monitor the fulfillments in request (particular tasks of whole progress)

  • Check and allocate the terms and deadlines

  • Add and monitor the office supplies (or other used materials), confirm its replacing

  • Access the history of events in request

  • Discussion with customer, Internal discussion (unaccessible to customer)

  • Link them with devices and their detailed attributes

  • Creation of tasks under requests - particular actions

  • Work with all requests in calendar 



All information about list of requests with options of displaying and filtering can be found in article Requests list

Setting of deadlines, nearest tasks for solvers and terms allocation is described in article Request terms