Advanced scheduling

Advanced scheduling is accessible to operators who are set as persons Responsible for planning and have assigned some subordinates or optionally Responsibility for the group of operators - in case the event is created on whole group, the Scheduler (person responsible for planning) can assign these events to specific subordinate operators.

Settings of operator for planning purposes is described in article Scheduling settings.

Scheduler can access the Advanced planning by clicking on “Advanced scheduling” button above the calendar as it is displayed on following picture.

Entering the Advanced scheduling from calendar

Image: Entering the Advanced scheduling from calendar

There are all Requests and Periodical tasks of selected operators displayed in Advanced scheduling window. Events of specific operators can be hidden by unmarking the checkbox next to his name in left navigation menu. In the Calendar Weeks view – CW and selecting the number of weeks, the Scheduler can see the availability of each operator and move the events from one to another on the desired dates.

Advanced scheduling window

Image: Advanced scheduling window

Events with unassigned term

In Advanced scheduling, person responsible for planning and group can select the requests with Long term priority and assign it to the specific operator from the list of Requests without completion date in left menu by Drag&Drop function – this function must be enabled in top left corner of Advanced scheduling window. Long term priority requests doesn’t have any completion date entered.