Planning calendar

Most important tool of successful planning is a Calendar which offers tabular overview of planned activities with option of viewing, moving, allocating or editing the requests, tasks and deadlines in more calendars of operators and subordinates. CDESK Planning calendar is located in CDESK -> Administration -> Planning calendar.  It guarantees a perfect overview of employees and places utilization and availability to make the planning more effective. More detailed information about Planning calendar special features can be found in following articles: 

Allocation via calendar – draging, moving and editing the deadlines in events via calendar screen

Advanced scheduling – tool for operators responsible for planning tasks for other people. Advanced scheduling provides special view of subordinate operators and groups

Reports in calendar – export current selected view into MS Excel files

Scheduling settings – setting the allocation in calendar, preparing the operator's account for planning purposes as responsible for other operators and groups


Planning calendar with various event types

Image: Planning calendar with various event types

Calendar overview

Calendar window consist of several sections.

Top filter

There is a Main filter at the top of page, above the calendar. Using it you can display two areas of events - My events (current operator) or All available events (including all subordinate operators of current logged in user) which you are able to view by permission settings. This way you can view events and utilization of specific operator (solver) or an exact status, type and priority of requests.

Under the "Advanced filtering options" button (magnifier symbol), there are more options of viewing the specific events in calendar.

Extended filtering options

Image: Extended filtering options

Advanced navigation menu of calendar

In the left calendar area you can call the Advanced navigation menu by clicking on expandable bar with two arrows button (clicking directly on these arrows will open and lock the panel, clicking on the entire bar area will temporarily open it and after leaving the menu area with mouse cursor, the panel will collapse automatically).

At the top of this navigation menu, you can see the solvers (operators) of events displayed in calendar with search box. Marking the checkboxes of chosen operators will move them into the top category – My selection. All events of marked operators will be displayed in calendar. Clicking on the star symbol next to each operator will also move them into the My selection category as favorite ones and they will remain there for easier searching. Unmarking the star or checkbox will return the operators into their original categories. In case the operator has assigned the specific color, it will appear in front of his name in the list as well as within the events in calendar. Assigning the color to operators is described in Scheduling settings.

There is a color legend at the bottom of the advanced navigation menu. Specific events can be hidden from the calendar view by unmarking the corresponding colored checkboxes.

Calendar legend with option to hide certain events

Image: Calendar legend with option to hide certain events

You can meet with various colors and shapes in calendar, each of them means a different event type:


Colors of events in calendar


Possible shapes in planning calendar

Angular rectangle events have defined an exact start time. There is time information displayed within the record.

Oval shape describes the event (Periodical task or Request) which is not set for an exact time. This shape is used for unallocated events or events allocated on whole day (without exact time information)


List of possible symbols

Exclamation symbol warns the users that the request deadline was exceeded.

Bell symbol appears within the events which are waiting for customer’s confirmation – awaiting the response to confirmation e-mail. This feature needs to be selected in each allocation window, read the text further.