Periodical tasks

The aim of periodical tasks is to manage the performing of various repeating tasks in periodical time intervals and to plan these actions in future. This will prevent from forgetting even less important tasks and provides an overview of things you need to prepare. Periodical task in CDESK is created for particular customer and when the completion date is coming closer, it will be transformed into Request and creation is immediately notified to interested parties.

Reasons of creating the periodical tasks can be many, for example regular device revisions once a year, delivery of office supplies every second Wednesday in month etc.

List of periodical tasks

The list of Periodical tasks is located in CDESK -> Administration -> Periodical tasks. Here you can find the list of periodical tasks with option to search and filter desired Periodical tasks, delete or edit them by clicking on “Edit” at the right side of each line.

List of periodical tasks

Image: List of periodical tasks


Creating of the new Periodical task

Create the new Periodical task by clicking on “New task” button on the top of page.

Button to create new periodical task

Image: Button to create new periodical task

There are many options to be set in new Periodical task.

Creating new periodical task

Image: Creating new periodical task

Customer – choose the customer related with new periodical task

Place – real place of performing the task, can be chosen from predefined customer’s places. This option will appear only if you have enabled CMDB Object Database.

Title – name of Periodical task (i.e. weekly revision of antivirus software)

Description – detailed description of task

Solver – operator responsible for this Periodical task, who will be notified about changes. Choosing of solver is optional, in case you don’t choose this person, Periodical task will be visible in calendar for all operators (based on permissions)

Status – enabled/disabled – this option is for disabling this Periodical task without need to delete it. Disabled Periodical tasks are stored and ready to be enabled in future. In Periodical tasks list you can find disabled ones with grey background.

Read-only –If marked, periodical task and CDESK request (if created) can be modified only by creator, main operator and maintainer

Beginning date – start date of planned task (i.e. 01.01.2015)

Ending date – date when CDESK stops repeating of the Periodical task. If you leave this box blank, Periodical task will be created automatically until you will stop it manually

Execution period – choose interval of repeating the task with option to set specific days in week, month, year or in desired calendar weeks (i.e. every 15th day of every other month)

Number of days to complete the task – Periodical task in calendar will be shown for whole duration of entered days

Estimated performance time – optional data for more effective planning of each day

Create the request to C-Desk automatically during interval repetition  In case the term of Periodical task is closer than 14 days (this number can be changed in maintainer's Admin zone -> Main menu -> Global settings -> tab Scheduling -> section Periodical tasks -> Create a request to CDESK automatically), CDESK will automatically transform this task into Request with sending the notification about new Request to interested parties. This function is useful for operators to have better overview about upcoming events.

Setting the automatic creation interval of Request from Periodical task

Image: Setting the automatic creation interval of Request from Periodical task
  • This option is enabled by default in CDESK. If you don’t want system to create the Request from Periodical task in advance, uncheck the box next to the selection box with “create a common request” text – from this box you can also switch an option to create Internal request (customer will not be notified about creation and changes in internal request, except discussion posts)

  • Service area  categorization of requests (for filtering purposes). Selection of this attribute in Request must be enabled in maintainer's Admin zone -> Main menu -> Global settings -> Helpdsk -> section Areas of request service. Here you can set your own predefined areas which can be chosen in requests. One of them may be set as default.

  • Request type – select from predefined types (only maintainer can define new types in Admin zone -> Main menu -> Global settings -> tab Helpdesk -> section Request types). More information about CDESK Request settings can be found here.

  • Send CDESK notification while creating request – by unchecking this option you can disable the default sending of the notification to interested parties after creating the new request

  • Automatically close at the end of the day with fulfillment date  Use only in exceptional cases when you want to close the request by last day of Periodical task, from which is this request created.

Note: when the parameters are set, click the “Save” button. After saving new Periodical task, refreshing interval of CDESK is set to every 15 minutes, so if the starting date of Periodical task is within the range of transforming it into Request (less than 14 days by default), creating of new Request can take a while to be done. You can use this time to change the setting of your new periodical task to have desired notification about new Request.

Setting the time of request transformation

Image: Setting the time of request transformation