Planning in Helpdesk

Utilize employee’s time

With this module, you can arrange and see all planned and repeated events of each employee in graphic view. Planning calendar is a complex feature containing of many planning options and views – display, move and edit various activities of specific operators (depending on permissions) simple way, directly from calendar.



  • Interactive Planning calendar displaying of all events by operators, terms and types
  • Initial overview dashboard for every operator / superior with customizable information
  • Planning of Periodical, repeated tasks in future with specific selection of intervals
  • Calendar with various viewing options, moving deadlines by drag'n'drop, direct editation of request's or task's attributes, better overview of operator's availability
  • Setting of operator responsible for planning with strong privileges over subordinates and groups
  • Terms allocation - time reservation for competing the specific tasks


Planning ability is powerful property of CDESK, using tools for optimal use of staff working time without unnecessary downtimes. Saved time can be spent on other important tasks – your business will grow faster and you will become a reliable partner for customers, who effectively implements all agreements. Everything on time.

You get a clear workload overview of employees and teams in interactive planning calendar. Plan deadlines for them, assign solvers, keep all events under your control in one place.

Regular tasks will not allow you to forget anything. It doesn’t matter whether any task is repeated every week or once a year. Plan your service inspections, business meetings or just periodically remind yourself to your customers. With CDESK, your business partners will perceive you are a company which fulfills everything what you promise to do.


Overview of Planning features

Planning calendar:
calendar synchronized with MS Outlook and Gmail (with Calendar connector module)
allocation and editing of events in calendar
viewing of operator's requests and tasks
setting the subordinates of operator who can view and edit their events
advanced scheduling - operator responsible for group gains special view to plan the events of group's members
Opening and editing of Requests, Tasks directly from Planin calendar

Periodical tasks will never let you to forget about some event
plan recurring tasks in far future
choose specific interval of repeating


By planning tasks through CDESK, you can significantly improve or clarify all steps that your company provides to its customers. It offers an overview of all processes happening around. Planning process also includes:

  • Creating and managing requests for specific operators and terms (find more in Requests chapter)
  • Communication – discussion with customer with option of confirming the dates of service actions and individual meetings (described in Discussion article)
  • Listings of important information in map, tracking vehicles linked with GPS system (chapter Maps and GPS)