Operator settings

Creating new operator / viewing the operator`s settings page

Everything related to operators can be set from the operator`s settings page. To create new or edit existing operator, navigate to Admin zone -> Users -> Operators and Groups. A list of all existing operators will appear. Double click the operator you want to edit or view to open his details page. You can create new one by clicking the button Add operator in the top right corner of this page.

Only the maintainer can create the Operators. To create new or edit existing operator navigate to Admin zone -> Users -> Operators and Groups. Click the button Add Operator to create new one or double click the operator you want to edit or view to open his details page. If you have already set some operator’s accounts and want to create another one with identical settings and privileges for another person, select the existing one from the list and click the “Copy selected” button.

Opening the operator`s details page

Image: Opening the operator`s details page

Operator settings are divided into multiple categories. 

General settings - allows you to set basic account information such as Login, password, contact information, work position. There are also separated sections with options to set operator`s access level, access to communicator, advanced email settings, connector to calendars, operator`s color(used across a variety of CDESK functions) and other technical settings.

Permissions - Contains detailed overview of operator`s permissions for CM IT monitoring. You can set different permissions for each customer and even for each computer registered to customer monitor.

Permissions to modules - this tab allows you to set operator`s permissions for CDESK functionality. It is up to you to decide what the specific operator can have access to.

Customer`s settings - assign customers and computers to the operator

Superiors and subordinates - Set the operator`s Superiors and Subordinates of your selected operator by clicking the green “+” symbol and choosing them from the shown list

Printing supplies - it contains printing supplies tracking access rights settings

Group assignments - add the operator to group. Groups can be chosen as solvers and all their members will be notified about it. You can also make the operator responsible for the group which means that he can also see and create requests for other operators within the group.

Remote access - manage his remote access settings

Notifications - you can Block or Allow receiving of all available types of notifications for current operator. When the “According to maintainer’s settings” option is selected, maintainer`s settings will be applied. They can be changed under maintainer account in Admin zone -> Main menu -> Global settings -> tab Notifications.


Operator`s settings

Image: Operator`s settings
Hierarchy of operators

Maintainer has an option to assign the Superiors and Subordinates to each operator’s account. The objective is to automatically inform the executive employees about progress and work of their team. Superior can be set to receive (or not) the copies of e-mail notifications and SMS messages about requests of his Subordinate operators. Hierarchy settings of operators can be done in Admin zone -> Users -> Operators and Groups -> choose operator -> tab Superiors and Subordinates.

Hierarchy of operators

Image: Setting the hierarchy of operators

There are many options for further usage of this structure within the CDESK, if you wish to improve some of relations between your operators, don’t hesitate to contact us and after the consultation we are open to create new options within your employee’s infrastructure.

Operator with assigned Subordinates has an option to view their Initial overview with Noticeboard posts.