Operators and groups

This page contains information about Operators, groups, setting permissions to specific modules and more. Click the links below to read the articles:

CDESK is fully adjusted to various types of operators to meet all requirements in accessing the information under many conditions of user privileges.

Operator is an account for worker who manages assigned customers, groups of customers and their requests In CDESK. There can be multiple operators assigned to one customer by maintainer who can also set the operator’s account to see other, unassigned customers.  Detailed information about roles, groups, customer accounts and permissions for operators and groups are described in following articles:

Operator roles  - basic division of CDESK operator roles, depending on their privileges

Operator settings - Creating and settings the operator account

Group settings - Creating, setting and adding operators to groups

Permissions management - Setting permissions for operators and groups

Customer account - Information about creating a customer account to give your customers access to CDESK