Importing objects

Creating template

You can access and edit templates for import in Admin zone -> CMDB -> Download import template. In the creation formular, choose Template - new template, name it and choose it`s main group. Under the group selecion is a list of CI Types, choose one for which the template is being made (it is possible to create templates for multiple CI Types at once).

Use the right part of your screen to choose data you want to use in your template by clicking checkboxes. Confirm your configuration by clicking the button Save and download.

Creating template for import

Image: Creating template for import
Filling the template

Open your downloaded template and write your data to corresponding columns and save it.

Filling the table with data

Image: Filling the table with data
Importing template to CDESK

Navigate to Admin zone -> CMDB -> New import and choose your template with data which will be imported into CMDB. In case you have object ID specified in your template, choose the option for Processing of primary keys duplicates.

Uploading template file

Image: Uploading template file


Click the button Continue, a window with option to choose CI Type for your template. You can also change the mapping of table columns to parameters of objects.

Pairing data

Image: Pairing data

Your data should now be visible on the right side of your screen. After checking the correctness of your data, click the button Import.

Checking the correctness of data

Image: Checking the correctness of data
Processing the import

After successfully importing your template, system will inform you about further processing of your import in Admin zone -> CMDB -> CMDB Imports List. Find your template file in the list and click Process.

List of imports

Image: List of imports

Data will now be processed (this may take several minutes if you are importing a lot of data). Progress bar is shown during the import. After the processing is done, data will change status to processes and incorrect entries will be identified. If there are no incorrect entries, just press Accept and your data will be written to CMDB.

Processed import

Image: Processed import

If your import contains errors, click Fix errors. Faulty lines from your import file will be shown. There are three possible error categories:

  • Duplicate entry - some of your imported data are already in CMDB, it will replace an existing data in CMDB

  • Missing required fields - some required columns from your imported file are not filled, check data in the table again or change settings of your template.

  • Wrong data types or incorrect classifiers - imported file contains incorrect data

Fixing errors

Image: Fixing errors

In case of wrong data types, it is possible to correct the errors and confirm it at one place. Otherwise, data will not be imported.

After you finish fixing errors, click Accept to write data to CMDB.