Creating new object

To create a new object, navigate to Admin zone -> CMDB -> CI List.

You can view objects of any type by using filter in the top of this page. Click the button Add to open creation formular for your new object.

List of existing objects of chosen category

Image: List of existing objects of chosen category

First, you will be asked to enter the object group. Choose one and click Continue. A full formular will appear. Fill in the details of your new object and click the Save button.

New object creation formular

Image: New object creation formular

Your new object is now created and added to the database. You can view and change details of your new object from the list of all objects of your chosen category, as shown in the first screen of this article. To view the history of changes of this particular object, open it`s details and click the History tab.

History of selected object

Image: History of selected object

The first change block from the bottom is the creation event of the object. Any changes made to this object later will by recorded and shown in additional blocks containing detailed information about changes.