Object database (CMDB), SLA

Use universal, structured database for your devices, services, poople and other objects

Our configuration management database (CMDB) contains all relevant information about stored objects – configuration items (CI) . CMDB can be accurately filled with components according to your business needs. Database provides a space for evidence of extended Service-Level-Agreements (SLA), customers, contacts and any kind of device or material, services you bill to customers (price list), services your employee execute (operations), technical services you provide (functions) . All groups, types, properties and attributes are fully configurable.

From IT companies perspective, evidence of IT components including software, hardware, running services (e.g website), documentation, and personnel, as well as any combination of them offers a detailed overview of all devices, services. Recorded history of each of them provides information for control and tracking of any changes.


Object database CMDB,
extended SLA

  • Recorded all objects in database - customers, contacts, devices, services, premise, vehicles, supplies, etc. with relations between objects and archived history of changes
  • Relations between components
  • Providing services within the dealed SLA agreement with customers
  • Extended SLA : Setting of specific reaction terms  on each particular object or group in CMDB
  • Integration with Helpdesk


Overview of Object database (CMDB) features

Configurable evidence of customers, places, contacts, devices, services - price list / operations / functions, supplies, Vehicles, extended SLA : terms for specific object (CI) and more
Optional properties and attributes for each group of CMDB objects
Definition of values lists and their connection with various properties
Setting of relations between CI (configuration items = objects) in database with graphic relation map display
Hierarchy structure for objects
Evidence of changes history on each object
Integration with Helpdesk and Map system - selection of object (CI) directly in request with option of viewing its details
Terms and deadlines in requests set by selected object (CI ) / customer and its assigned SLA times
Fulfillments recorded on specific customers and object (CI)

Planned feature :

Change parameter status of CI by received email, history of emails assigned to CI (2015)

Tree list of objects defined in CMDB

Image: Tree list of objects defined in CMDB