Message processing

Capture all support and business communication

Create and manage various public e-mail addresses through which you are connected with your customers, suppliers and partners. Each e-mail will be assigned to support object (e.g. request) or business object (e.g. lead, opportunity). Message processing in CDESK can be automatic, or manually handled by responsible operator. Rules and criteria of processing are watched by complex e-mail parser and can be set accurately to reflect type of communication. From now, every one message will be recorded and you are prevented from reducing the quality of provided services or losing of potential opportunity.


Message processing

  • Answers to notification e-mails from CDESK processed by custom sorting rules
  • Automated creation of new tasks or discussion posts to specific solvers
  • Communication from various public e-mail addresses processed into CDESK
  • Detailed sorting rules of processing - automated creation of requests or keeping the messages in special folder accessible by responsible operator
  • Discussion with customers processed and automatically attached to related requests
  • E-mails stored in operator's (Outlook) mailbox
  • Operator can enter requests from customers by forwarding message to special CDESK e-mail


With Message processing module, you will capture all communication channels with your public addresses. Increase quality of services, uncover potential customers and don’t miss any business opportunity – maximize your profits by reaching on all areas. Keep transparent records of communication history.

To prevent overlooking of any important message, automated processing of selected messages will guarantee an easy sorting and creating a variety of activities in CDESK – from adding the posts on notice board to entering a work for specific employee.

Overview of Message processing features

Transfer and record all e-mail communication in CDESK
Set public addresses forwarded to CDESK - all messages sent to these addresses can be sorted and filtered various ways
Perform onetime actions or permanent rules on incoming messages - create new requests, assign them specific operators, Create noticeboard posts or assign messages to Discussion in requests
All unprocessed messages from monitored public addresses are waiting to be manually processed by responsible employee
Set operators as responsible for particular public addresses