Map systems

Optimize operation of your employees in terrain

Plan and display activities of your employees in map with Maps system in CDESK.


Map systems

  • Exact geographical location evidence of customers and their places
  • Displaying of planned employee's places and optimal routes
  • Selected requests are shown on map
  • Effective, quick route planning
  • Various map symbols and colors for distinguishing of request types and operators


CDESK ability of showing the locations and traces information will make your planning and overview of activities transparent.
Record locations of your customers and their places. Effectively plan the service trips of your operators by displaying and changing their routes in selected time period – this way you can avoid unnecessary rides and spending money on gasoline and wasting your emplyee’s time by repeatedly driving the same routes.  Requests containing these places can be shown on map.



Main features of Map systems

Displaying customers and their places on map selected requests can be shown on map with their description directly from Request's list and Planning calendar
Set colors and specific marks of request types and operators
Set their starting point - count everyday routes from this point which can be changed easily
Allocated terms list with description of travel routes - display planned routes in map, edit, calculate the lengths and print them directly from CDESK.

Planed features :
Position of fulfillments shown on map (currently are shown requests position)
Compare plan of work with done fulfillments
Take a position for fullfilments by GPS position  from mobile phone (by CDESK native mobile application )

Displaying of planned technician's route in map

Image: Displaying of planned technician's route in map