Knowledge base

Master your information at one place

Build a strong base of information on which you can establish your business and support. You can now have your know-how in one place – available to selected users.

Knowledge Base

  • Structured KB records of knowledge available for selected operators and public, commented
  • Knowledges can be linked with fulfillments in requests
  • Evidence of know-how, solved problems, procedures, tips and other information with pictures and HTML support
  • Documents and manuals for training of new employees 


Do you often solve similar problems or work procedures? Thanks to Knowledge Base you can save a lot of time while searching and implementing them – your employees can rely on verified information. Record standard solutions, known bugs and mistakes, managing processes, inventions, ideas, suggestions and many more.

Distribute and publish selected information organized way by making the Knowledge base partly accessible.

Main properties of Knowledge base

Knowledge base (in short KB) records in hierarchy : Knowledge – Solutions – Comments to Solutions
Linking of C-Desk fulfillments with knowledges of the Knowledge Base
Linking knowledges directly to customers
Key words for sorting and searching
Full-text online searching in the whole database
Searching according to the last change, author, assigned customer
An option to share selected knowledges with solutions for your customers
Management of access to records for operators and customer accounts
HTML editor with support for inserting images also by the function Copy + Paste (in Mozilla Firefox)