About integration with CM IT Monitoring and management

Integrating CDESK with CM IT Monitoring provides strong benefit for  IT management and monitoring. it can create requests automatically from monitoring problems on computers and services, which are processes in Helpdesk. Create Easyclick requiests directly from monitoring computers and more.

Here is a list of CM IT Monitoring functions:

  • Alerts: Allows you to view all current errors on monitored computers. It also contains the history of errors.

  • Presentation: You can view all monitored computer details here, online information, changes on a computer, dashboard settings and watches - which can be configured to alert you once some computer parameters exceed or drop below acceptable levels.

  • Application zones: Manage backups, software, hardware, printers, operating systems, VPN, e-mail settings, defragmentation options, set up watchdog for files and much more.

  • System zones: Allows you to view system information about monitored computers. Check information about antiviruses, computer storage - local or external, OS updates, network computers, startup programs and much more.

  • Manager information: Create a veriety of reports about monitored computers or view number of registered PCs over the period of time

To learn more about CM IT Monitoring, click here.