Activation and modes of receiving e-mails into CDESK

CDESK offers an option to enter request by an e-mail, also with creating the discussion posts in requests. In this chapter, you can find the information about particular settings of allowing e-mails to CDESK. For more information about entering and creating the requests or discussion posts and how the authorization is applied, read chapters Entering Requests by sending an e-mail to CDESK and Creating of Discussion post in Request by sending an e-mail to CDESK.

CDESK comes with three modes for e-mail processing:

  1. Disabled – e-mail processing in CDESK is completely switched off, entering of requests and discussion posts is possible only through a regular CDESK account (e.g. operator, customer account, Easyclick account) or via the Web form. Replies to e-mails from CDESK are sent to your e-mail address with copy to the assigned operator.

  2. Enabled for all customers – all customers have an option to enter new request via an e-mail sent to CDESK address and discussion post through the reply to an e-mail from CDESK. CDESK informs all interested parties about changes.

  3. Enabled only for selected customers – these setting combine to previous modes of configurations. It means that you can have some customers, which doesn’t have an option to enter the request by an e-mail and customer, which have this option enabled.