Denial, canceling of approval

Denial can be done by customer or operator. There is a link in generated e-mail with proposal. Clicking on it you will be redirected to CDESK, after logging in you will see opened request with an option to Deny the offer. Check the particular lines and click on Deny selected button. Automatic e-mail about denying the proposal will be generated and sent to solver and customer.

Rejection of already approved proposals

If a customer has previously accepted the proposal’s items, just check the desired lines again and click on Deny selected button.

Cancelling of approved status only

If the proposal is accepted and you need to delete the acceptation information “Accepted by ...”, just  change the status to "for approval" and then it is sufficient to select the line and press Approve marked button.

Denying of proposal by customer

Image: Denying of proposal by customer