Proposals, Quotations

CDESK brings a solution to communicate the offers to customers. Sometimes happens, that the proposals are sent to several employers and there can be more versions of the same offer. This can cause issues with accepting invalid, not latest offer by customer. CDESK ensures clarity of the accepted offer and also provides monitoring of responsibility for the business case.

Creating of Proposal and recommended process treatment

The offer is usually realized in response to presentation of shopping theme, or as a solution of the situation – according to the specified requirements. If it’s a technical problem, Operator (technician) makes a proposal for concrete solution and he passes a list of needed services to the trader, who will evaluate the price of service. Price offer in tab Proposal can be uploaded as the particular file or it can be written directly item by item. If the file is used, for exact approval or denial of Proposal it’s better to write at least final sums into particular lines of proposal. In this prepared proposal, Trader switches the request to Head of technical department, this person will verify the accuracy of proposed solution by checking the appropriate lines of proposal and presses a button Verify. Next, he changes request status to “ordered” and switches back to Trader.

Changing the request status to “Ordered” will make CDESK to send an e-mail with proposal to customer (in copy to all interested parties)

If customer have a CDESK account, he uses the link in e-mail, logs into CDESK, checks the appropriate lines and presses Approve selected button. Trader will be notified about approval, he just switches request solver to operator of logistics to prepare the necessary material. When everything is prepared, Logistician switches the solver either back to the trader or directly to Technician, who started the communication with customer.

Individual steps of entering, approving, denying or discussion about price proposal can be found in the following chapters:

Calculations - used for information about the estimated price for services performed at the customer

Entering of proposal in request - entering by operators

Verification (by superior) - approval of individual parts by superior

Acceptation (by customer) - acceptance of the proposal by customer

Denial, cancelling of approval -  refusing of individual proposal parts, or cancelling the approval

Discussion in proposal - adding a comments, communication