Web form

Entering the requests via Web form

Asset of this function is for customers and users, who don’t have the possibility to enter the request by Easyclick, by an e-mail or logging into the CDESK portal. Usually, you can use this Web form for communication with non-contract partners or to acquire new customers. Lower preference for daily communication stems from the fact, that it automatically doesn’t obtain the identity of the client.

Basic steps of entering the requests via Web form:


  1. Set up the environment – allowing option to enter request in Web form and place it to your web site

  2. Enter the new requirements through a Web form

  3. Process new Web form request


Setting up the environment

Before you start using web formular, you should check the settings where you can assign responsible operators for message processing and where you can get URL for web formular for the specific customer. You can find these settings here

Entering the new requests through a Web form

Open the specific URL in your browser to open the web formular. Fill in the fields(Name, email, phone, subject, problem description), rewrite the verification code and click Send.

Web form for entering new request

Image: Web form for entering new request

Processing of new Web form request inside CDESK

Request is processed by operator responsible for web request after logging into CDESK portal. In Customer Desk tab  -> Administration -> Messages for processing.

New message for processing

Image: New message for processing

Options will be displayed after opening one of messages from the list. Operator will choose one options to be performed with this web request - Create rule, Onetime action or Ignore. For entering the new request (by using first two option buttons), it’s necessary to choose the customer, which the request will be assigned to.

Processing options for the message

Image: Processing options for the message