Entering new requests

Review of methods for creating new requests

New request can be created by several ways, which combines various benefits and should meet all your requirements in communication with customers and users.

Logged in CDESK portal – entering requests via CDESK user account. There are various account types in CDESK – internal, external operator or customer account. See further information about these types in chapter Operators and Groups

Easyclick – easy way with accurate, automatic identification of creator. Requires only CDESK client installed with no need of setting it up. Enter request simply by double click on CDESK icon and it will be automatically connected with Customer in our system. Complete identification details of request creator will be shown (combination of registration data and login name)

Web form – freely accessible web page of CDESK created by elementary activation. This method allows you to create Requests without regular account from anywhere via simple web form.

Sending E-mail to CDESK Requests are entered by sending the E-mail message to your hotline address from where it needs to be forwarded to our CDESK Server. There are more scenarios of address visibility for customer. It can be adjusted depending on your support process. Customer can see either your official address only or also operator’s address in communication. Using this method needs to be set in CDESK portal, read more in article. 

Check detailed information by clicking on the title of each method.