Option to remove or add notification addresses in discussion

Discussion with customers can be made available to all people you decide. There is possibility to edit recipients of discussion thread directly, during the creation of new post. All new added recipients will receive the complete discussion since its first post. Once you delete the recipient, he will no longer have access to this discussion (until you add him again).

Note: same process of address editation is also used in Notes for solvers.

Add new addresses by clicking on blank address field. List of available addresses will appear. When you start typing the name of customer or address, available addresses list will be filtered and grouped by customers - if you type customer's name, all addresses, including his "Other" contacts will appear. You can also add any address you want to receive notifications about the discussion. Delete added addresses by clicking on small cross symbol next to each address.

Adding new email address to the list of notified addresses

Image: Adding new email address to the list of notified addresses

If you want to communicate internally between operators / employees without letting the customer know, use the Note for solvers with addition of desired addresses.

Note for solvers

Image: Note for solvers

Now you can type your message and click the “Send comment” button. List of recipients which the discussion was sent to appears at the top of Request’s screen.

Confirmation of successfully sent e-mails

Image: Confirmation of successfully sent e-mails