Setting additional notifications

In reqest’s settings

You can edit addresses for receiving the notifications about changes made in request’s settings. This means that you can block or set additional addresses directly in request.

If you make a change, which is notified by default to predefined addresses, you can see the unmarked checkbox next to the “Block sending by e-mail”. If you check this option, notifications about changes will be blocked.You can add new addreses to notification list by clicking the "+" button called “Select recipients”, which is used to add individual address to the list. There is another option – Send request in bulk. Use this checkbox to select whole companies (customers) to be notified. Notifications will be sent to their profile’s main contacts.

Sending norification in bulk

Image: Sending norification in bulk


In discussion

Editation of recipient’s addresses in discussion is different from setting the notification addresses in request’s settings. Further information about editation of recipients is described in article Add/Remove notification addresses in Discussion.