GPS vehicle tracking

Optimize transport costs

Save money and time by choosing best routes for your vehicles. Plan, display activities and change routes in map with GPS module. Watch geographical position of your vehicles in real time. If some problem occurs at your customer, react immediately and send the nearest vehicle there.


GPS vehicle tracking

GPS connector for vehicle monitoring

  • Interconnection of benefits from Map systems with real time vehicle's position
  • Linking with several GPS providers and connection with GPS units in vehicle
  • Accurate current position of employee - possibility of operational plan changes (dispatching)


Main features of GPS vehicle tracking

Integration of GPS monitoring system in vehicles with CDESK to easily observe the position of your employees and planned work
In case of need or problem occuring you can dispatch nearest vehicle to the location
We support connection with providers Commander and GPS dozor
Archiving executed traces in CDESK for future analysis

Planned features in development
Reading of current location using smartphone with GPS - by our CDESK native mobile application, controlled by user and rules, e.g. active working status, etc.