Simplifying tricks for Fulfillments

These advices should significantly speed up the entering of fulfillments.

Easy way to enter the time – if you are recording the fulfillment in the same day of realization, just enter the starting and ending time, (today’s) date will be filled automatically. If the fulfillment was done in past, enter the date in Starting time and fill only time to End time, date in this box will be filled automatically. You can check the calculated duration of work immediately – displayed next to End time box.

Setting of default places of fulfillments with definition of transport fees – you can pre-define these data for each customer, which are entered automatically, if you are including the transport fees in fulfillment. More information about setting of fulfillment places and definition of transport fees can be found in Settings.

Fulfillment templates

Default templates of fulfillment texts – if some of your fulfillment texts are repeating often, you can create the templates for speeding up the process of entering the fulfillment. This template can be chosen from list in process of entering the fulfillment. Adding of templates can be done in CDESK -> Billing -> Parameters -> Predefined texts, clicking on “Add” button.

Predefined templates for fulfillments

Image: Predefined templates for fulfillments

Consequently, you have the option to choose from the predefined templates directly when filling the new fulfillment.

Choosing from predefined templates in fulfillment formular

Image: Choosing from predefined templates in fulfillment formular