Manage your business activities

Observe and maintain all aspects of relations between your company and your customers. Capture leads and opportunities, convert them into real businesses and have an overview of all solved activities to set the real sales objectives for your traders. Deliver a great experience to your customers.


Image: Opportunity

CRM module 

  • Evidence of Leads, Opportunities and business Cases
  • Management and evidence of customers and contacts
  • Monitoring of orders and turnovers
  • Detailed attributes, categorization and records
  • Bulk mailing, campaigns, profiling of customers
  • Access rights system - set visibility of specific data for particular users



There are many definitions of CRM system. Each company needs different functions depending on their speficic needs. Common sign of these systems is management of business relations, discovering of new possibilities and activities management. Many of these features are already implemented in other modules, Helpdesk, Planning which already contains of various CRM parts. Using of CRM module you will gain overview of business opportunities, relations with customers and sales activities of your employees.


Overview of CRM features

Capture potential leads, convert them into opportunities and business cases
Comparison of estimated and real gained profit
Observing, monitoring of work, effectivity, success of employees and sales teams
Various statistics and report, e.g. most common types of customers
Targeted advertising to categorized customers - e-mail campaigns, sophisticated tracking and measuring tools of campaigns