You can find useful information about various settings releated to Cases module in this article. To open the settings page, navigate to Admin zone -> Main menu -> Global settings -> Cases.



Settings of cases module

Image: Settings of cases module



Enable Cases module you can enable or disable Cases module by clicking this checkbox

Position of deals in the menu - You can reorder the left menu button here. Changes will take effect after the next login

Type of form for deals - You can choose simple or advanced form for deals

The field to enter description - Enable/Disable field for entering description in case

Default settings for billing - This can be set to hourly rate, to take CDESK structure of an existing billing deal or manual - can be set in billing

The field to select stage - Enabling this option will add a stage field to your deal.

The field to enter note - Allows you to add note to your deal.

Allow adding of request to case from request status - It will be possible to add requests with chosen status to an existing deal. However, If you choose other state than "received", then it won't be possible to create a request at creation of deal

Disable request completion without deal - If enabled, it won't be possible to switch the request status to completed, if it is not assigned to a deal.

Allow closure of the deal, if it has uninvoiced fulfillments - If set to no, it will not be possible to change status of deal to Closed if it contains uninvoiced fulfillments