Calendar connector

Synchronize all events in one calendar

Use your personal calendar to manage events from CDESK. You can get best overview of your upcoming activities by synchronizing events in MS Exchange -> MS Outlook, GMAIL (free) and Google aps calendars with  CDESK planning calendar. Both ways synchronization keeps CDESK calendar up to date. Using Calendar connector secures that your appointments will not overlap anymore.


Calendar connector

  • Synchronize your personal calendar with CDESK
  • MS Exchange - OWA API webservice used synchronization via one common account with limited permissions to operators calendars or  each account of calendar owner
  • GMAIL (free) - Used Google API synchronization via each account of calendar owner
  • Google apps- same as MS Exchange


With Calendar connector you can work comfortably with tools you know and are used to. Effectively plan requests through e.g. MS Outlook client or your smartphone (in case you don’t use native Mobile application in CDESK). Work will become more transparent and you can avoid an unnecessary overlaps of terms which you have booked directly via personal calendar – you always have a clear overview of planned activities in Calendar. Get maximum performance out of CDESK.



Overview of Calendar connector features

Interconnection between personal calendar in MS Outlook, GMAIL and CDESK  - both ways synchronization of created and displayed events in calendars
Move and edit the events in one calendar, changes will also be performed in the synchronized one
All your events are shown in CDESK between planned requests and periodical tasks - you will see all activities in Planning calendar in CDESK,
Your events + CDESK events are shown in your personal calendar.