Examples of various cases

There are many settings in Billing, applicable for a wide spectrum of companies and various service types. Usual settings for various billing cases are mentioned in following articles. Except these cases, there is an option to register the project works, i.e. cases without direct invoicing.

Invoicing of services without Regular fee (Ad hoc service) – fulfillments are entered and sorted by Invoice items created in non-contracting Billing order. Each Billing item may have specific hourly rate, or the hourly rate can be set globally by the settings in an Billing order, all fulfillments are invoiced separately by Billing items and there is not any monthly Regular fee.

Invoicing of all services within the Regular fee – there are not any fees charged in addition to monthly Regular fee, services can be sorted by an Billing items created under the contracting Billing order.

Invoicing of fixed Regular fee (without prepaid hours) and services over the Regular fee – extension of previous Billing case (fixed monthly fee regardless of the number of hours worked under the Regular fee) by the option to charge the chosen services in addition. This type of Deal has two Billing orders: Contracting and Non-contracting

Regular fees with prepaid hours – time-limited monthly fee, after overdrawing of prepaid hours, all additional services are billed in advance. If you don’t spend all prepaid hours, they are moved to following billing period. Billing in CDESK will calculate all cases for you. Service hours provided over the Regular fee can be invoiced in various fees.

Records of (unbilled) internal services during providing the charged services – If you company invoices different time to customer than the real worked one, option of recording the internal fulfillments is exactly developed for this purpose. Billing has two methods of internal works evidence at billed services (i.e. you need to record expenses on workers related to performed services)

Detailed information about all cases are available in each article.