Billing initialization

Following these steps allows you to start using the Billing:

  1. Fill the Billing settings under maintainer’s account in Admin zone -> Global settings -> tab Billing -> section Billing settings

  2. Under maintainer’s account, set CDESK -> Billing-> Parameters -> Currencies, VAT groups

  3. Maintainer or Operator must create the Deals for Customer (it’s possible to copy whole existing Deals with keeping the structure of Billing orders and Billing items)

  4. Maintainer or Operator creates the Billing orders under Billing deals

  5. Maintainer or Operator creates the Billing items under Billing orders (will be displayed in field “Billing item” during entering of fulfillment)

Example of full Billing deal in Billing is displayed on following picture:

Billing deal with filled structure

Image: Billing deal with filled structure

Now you can:

  1. Choose the Billing item in Fulfillment

  2. Create the billing documents in the form of invoices for work or create reports with sorted work records (if you are not invoicing via the Billing)