Billing implemented in CDESK allows you to sort all performed work actions related to provided services or customers. The output of Billing is quality reporting material of performed work, billing (of directly the invoices) and it is a source of plenty of information which can determine the performance of individuals of whole departments.

Billing allows you to prepare the following kinds of work for invoicing:

  • Works dependent on the time of performance at different rates

  • Work at agreed, fixed price

  • Works under contracts with monthly prepaid fees – either time-independent (fixed charges) or time-dependent (Regular fees with prepaid hours or transportation charges)

Billing also allows you to record additional work performances without billing:

  • Works on projects

  • Internal works which can’t be invoiced to customers

  • Other works in order to monitor the performance of workers

You don’t need the Billing in case that you are the service provider who is not creating any statements of works with any dividing and sorting the job performance types. If the basic list of performed work is sufficient for you, there is the list of fulfillments available. Fulfillments can be entered into each Request without need to create the Billing structure and you can generate simple, unstructured statement of works via the List of fulfillments.

Discover the further information about settings and using of Billing in following articles:

How to start using the Billing – introducing and basic orientation in Billing

Billing deals –  highest unit, associating all service works, works on projects and remains active during the whole period of cooperation with customer 

Billing orders – Billing order offers an option to assign the recorded works under the exact time intervals. It can also divide works to contracting and noncontracting.

Billing items – detailed information, creating and basic settings

Billing initialization – necessary steps before using the Billing

Examples of various Billing cases – invoicing of fulfillments without prepaid Regular fee, with prepaid Regular fee, works over the prepaid (Regular fee) amount etc.

Invoicing of material, connecting with Economical Software – connection of Billing with Pohoda software (stock displaying, data transfer from Billing to Economical software), if you request specific software connector, we are able to make it.

Other uses of Billing – evidence of working time of employees, drives evidence