Accounting software connector

Unite your accounting in one system

Are you using an external accounting software? By our Accounting software connector, you can make it to work together with CDESK - here you can manage it easily. Create, edit, delete or connect with another important information from CDESK. Updated data can be synchronized both ways. Record your essential accounting information under one roof and make it transparent by simplified accessing and our complex Billing system.


Accounting software connector

  • Working in one environment - CDESK system
  • Synchronization of invoices and work recorded, Import stock records from the accounting software
  • Direct invoice creation
  • User access to economic data by CDESK rights
  • Option to make a connector for your ERP system


Accounting software connector – get a new views by linking of your economic data with CDESK. Keep all necessary information at your reach under one roof – save time and increase precision of operations, even when directly issuing from stock and while entering the fulfillments in CDESK.


Useful features of connection with external Accounting software

Synchronization of issued invoices from Accounting agenda with invoices in accounting software
Displaying selected Invoices and other economic data by access rights in CDESK  -  you can get valuable function which you can’t find in your ERP.
Creating of Material release sheets for customer directly via CDESK by operator (created sheets are imported into accounting software)
Displaying of current stock status in CDESK
To transfer the data between CDESK and your accounting software are two systems :
1.Using of C-Monitor client program installed on your computer
2. Webservices

Each manufacturer has different, specific possibilities of synchronization. In case you are interested in linking some other software than listed below, don't hesitate to contact us on address

CDESK can be connected with selected accounting softwares - currently we are successfully linked with:
Stormware POHODA,
Money S3, S4, S5,