Familiarize yourself with individual parts of CDESK system, their description, settings and operation functions

CDESK is a complex system consisting of modules. Together, they are capturing and managing all business processes. Each of them offers high services standard compared to our competition and therefore some are charged in addition. All modules are designed to meet our client's requirements as best as possible - functionalities are derived from various needs and bringing practical usability.

Learn how to use CDESK making it most effective for your needs. Manuals of working with particular features can be found in following illustrated articles. Setting the features correct way will help you to draw and enjoy available benefits.


  • Helpdesk with SLA

    Manage workflow, assign solvers and groups in hierarchy, record customers, communication, and fulfillments
  • CRM 

    Manage all your contacts and customers relations with progress of business cases and opportunities
  • Planning

    Delegate tasks and plan effectively. Work with related requests, tasks and periodical tasks in Planning calendar
  • Calendar connector

    Synchronize events in external calendars both ways, have them all in CDESK
  • Knowledge base

    Share your know-how between desired persons. Store known problems, procedures, advices, and tips
  • Cases

    Keep simple evidence of opened and performed work, structured under specific units, invoiced directly
  • Communicator with chat

    Keep in touch with CDESK users via simple messaging. Chat and make conferences with voice and video support
  • Mobile application with offline functions

    Access CDESK data directly from your smartphone or tablet everywhere you go, even if you are offline
  • Message processing

    Lead e-mail communication through your public addresses, store and process all e-mails
  • Billing of work, structured contracts evidence

    Charge your services easily, divided to Deals, Orders and Items. Create invoices record your work fulfillments
  • Object database (CMDB)

    Transfer accounting and stock data into synchronized CDESK, connect them with fulfillments and invoice directly
  • Accounting software connector

    Transfer accounting and stock data into synchronized CDESK, connect them with fulfillments and invoice directly
  • Map systems

    Display events and routes in map. Set GPS coordinates to your customers and vehicles for better overview
  • GPS vehicle tracking

    Connect GPS units in your vehicles with CDESK to see their an exact locations and completed traces
  • Integration with CM IT monitoring and management

    Connect CDESK with Customer Monitor to use detailed IT monitoing and Management system with many advantages
  • Reports and statistics

    Display all requests, fulfillments and other valuable information statistics of your business